Michel and Jeanine – Sierentz

“The construction of our house had hardly begun in autumn 2011 when we started looking for the Landscaper who was going to shape its outside.
After much research we were lucky enough to get in contact with the Wanner company in 2012, and as the construction advanced we worked and exchanged ideas with the team concerning a garden in harmony with our architecture. Throughout our journey the team accompanied us: ready to listen, patient, attentive and offering invaluable advice.
Thanks to a magnificent nursery showcasing some truly magnificent species of plants, we were able to gradually refine our choices.
Once the configuration of the garden had been defined, in spring 2013 we integrated our new house and in June we began the first plantations in a good mood. We wanted to give a first mineral touch and and a zen side street to mark off the land while lining the periphery of our home with greenery.
Very happy with the results of this first experience, we decided to finish off with a final touch at the poolside in May 2014. We did this with the same Wanner team, who we would highly recommend for their courtesy and professionalism.”

Swimming pool : PH PISCINES (



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