Pruning / Trimming / Felling

We carry out all types of pruning, removal, felling and stump grinding.

Our field of activity ranges from sustainable pruning through complex tree removal with retention of branches, and includes pruning for shape, size, restructuring, etc.
We are also very environmentally conscious, and are very careful how our green waste is treated, so all our trimmings are recycled.

Pruning shrubs

Pruning has an important role in the development of shrubs, whether to encourage flowering or just to give them a good shape.

Pruning is a real makeover for the plants. It is always beneficial and allows them to re-grow magnificently.

Hedge trimming

Hedges are commonly used to edge a property, or simply to create different spaces in a garden, and generally require little maintenance, except a trim once or twice a year.

Pruning fruit trees

Although pruning is not natural and trees don’t need it to develop normally, it does have the advantage of invigorating them and improving fruiting.

Tree removal without felling

This technique allows trees in any situation to be removed. The tree is “dismantled” piece by piece, starting with the top. If necessary, the pieces are carefully lowered using a rope or a crane so no damage is caused. When space allows us, we can fell the tree in one go.

Tree topping

This type of pruning requires the expertise of qualified professionals. Our pruners use climbing techniques which allow them to explore the whole of the crown, right to the tip of small branches without breaking them. In order not to weaken the tree, these techniques are used without spurs.
The pruner uses ropes and harnesses to climb to the top of the tree. Most of this type of pruning is done using hand saws. Chain saws are used to cut heavy sections (dead wood).

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