The plant nursery is right at the heart of the Wanner nurseryman and landscaping company. Selling retail or wholesale, for professionals and private individuals, our nursery offers you more than 3000 varieties of plants ranging from the most common to the rarest. Complemented by magnificent show gardens which will allow you to visualize the plants growing in real-life situations and will encourage you to throw yourself into planning your future projects.

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Equipe-pépinièreOur team is passionate, lively and ready to help. They will be able to accompany you, bringing their broad knowledge of plants to bear as they offer you sound advice on your choice of plants or on keeping track of your projects.
A plant is a living thing, sensitive to a number of factors which will determine how well it flourishes in your garden. Exposure, soil type, hardiness.
A wide choice of rare and unusual plants such as cloud pruned pines (Niwaki), topiary and an extensive collection of Japanese Maples.

The nursery

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We offer a 1 year money-back guarantee on our plants (excludes Mediterranean plants).
You can see all our plants growing on our plots, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.
Planting can take place from October to March (orders are taken throughout the year).

Nos plantes prestiges

Fagus sylvatica


Common name :
European beech

Size :
350 to 400 cm cm

Price :
957 Euros Euros

Prunus laurocerasus


Common name :
Etna cherry laurel

Size :
150 to 200 cm cm

Price :
125 Euros Euros

Acer griseum

Common name :
Paperbark maple, Cinnamon maple

Size :
300 to 400 cm cm

Price :
765 Euros Euros

Acer platanoides


Common name :
Norway maple

Size :
400 to 500 cm cm

Price :
640 Euros Euros

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