Legal Notices

1. Overview of our website

In accordance with the French Law No. 2004-2005 on Trust in the Digital Economy, enacted on 21 June 2004, our website, which was created by the Goodcom Agency, makes information about our company available to the general public.

In view of the fact that they may be subject to change, we invite you to review our legal notices as frequently as possible, both to familiarise yourself with their terms and to keep up to date with any changes.

The website, is owned by Wanner Pépinières et Paysages, S.a.R.L., having its registered office at the following address: 35 rue de Bâle, 68220 Hégenheim.

Trading name: pepinieres.paysages Wanner
The following legal or natural person, Jérôme Wanner, is the publisher of the website, and his e-mail address is as follows:
The webmaster, Agence Goodcom, is responsible for the administration of the website, and its e-mail address is as

The website, is hosted by OVH, which has its registered office at the following address: 2 rue Kellermann – 59100 Roubaix – France.

2. General terms and conditions of use and of the services offered.

By using our website,, you accept in full and without reservation the general terms and conditions of use set out in our legal notices. While the site is intended to be accessible to all types of visitors, it is important to specify that the site may be subject to downtime for maintenance purposes at the discretion of Wanner Pépinières et Paysages. Users will nevertheless be notified in advance of the dates and times of any planned downtime.

3. The products or services offered by

In accordance with the stated communications policy, the website is intended to inform users about the services offered by Wanner Pépinières et Paysages, which consequently undertakes to provide accurate information in relation to its business. Nevertheless, errors or omissions may occur, and the company may not in any event be held liable for any error present on the website.

4. Limitations and exclusions of liability

The information conveyed on our website, is subject to a quality control process such that we may be satisfied as to its reliability. Nevertheless, we shall not be held liable in the event of any technical inaccuracy contained in our explanations.

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